Ilya Lukasevich

Ilya Lukasevich

Ilya Lukasevich

Project manager

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Roofing experience refers to the knowledge, skills, and expertise gained by a person through their involvement in various roofing projects.

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Responsibilities of the Roofing Ranger Project Manager

The Project Manager at Roofing Ranger has a crucial role in overseeing various roofing projects for homes and businesses. This job involves making sure everything runs smoothly and meets high-quality standards.

Create detailed plans for roofing projects, working closely with contractors and teams to make sure things go as planned.

Be the main contact for clients during projects, keeping them updated and making sure they’re happy with how things are going.

Make sure that the roofing work meets the top standards set by Roofing Ranger, checking regularly to ensure everything is up to code.

Keep an eye on project budgets, making sure we spend wisely while still doing top-notch work.

Team up with contractors and other partners in North Texas to get the right people and resources for each project.

Identify and tackle any issues that might come up during projects to make sure everything stays on track.

Keep all the necessary paperwork in order, including contracts and permits, and regularly update everyone on how the project is going.

The Project Manager at Roofing Ranger isn’t just about managing – it’s about making sure we deliver excellent roofing solutions, making our mark as a top company in North Texas. Their hard work ensures that every home and business project goes above and beyond, keeping Roofing Ranger successful.